Dads' Club

Dads’ Club Calendar:

  • October Halloween Party
  • December Christmas Tree Sales
  • June – Parish Festival

Dads' Club Accomplishments

Gaga for Gaga Ball!

If you don’t know what Gaga Ball is yet, you will be hearing a lot about it from your children soon. For those that are curious, Gaga Ball is a fun version of dodge ball that allows kids of all ages to play competitively but safely. Over the weekend a few intrepid dads braved the cold and wet, and built a Gaga Ball Pit at the school for the kids. I wanted to express my gratitude for everyone that helped out, because without their support we would not have been able to complete the project!

The build committee consisted of Jason Bierlein, Matt Bombard, Frank Law, Bill McDonald, Jim Taggart, Matt Thomas, and Mike Wilk. Mothers’ Club was extremely generous and paid for all of the materials for the Pit for which we are very thankful. Lastly, we had a lot of help from an individual who helped prepare the location but wanted to remain anonymous. We appreciate them regardless! Stay tuned for the next project coming up.

Halloween Party and Nerf Gun Party

The Halloween Party and Nerfageddon weekend was absolutely full of activities and they all went off really well. There is a ton of planning and prep work that is done to make these events possible, and we had an army of people that were involved. This email would be really long if I listed everyone that helped out, set up, cleaned up, and managed the chaos, and they all deserve our deepest  thanks for all of the hard work and effort over the past 3 days. I wanted to call out a few of the people that went above and beyond and led crucial parts of the event.

Halloween Party
The castle maze was a huge effort by a lot of dads, and despite the seemingly easy destruction at the hands of the kids, a lot goes into the construction of the different activities. Every year we are amazed by the creative talents of Pat O’Leary and Mike Larson, and this year was no exception. The design and execution of the build was fantastic. We continue to be indebted to the generosity of Ross “Cardboard” Gilmore who donates the materials, tools, time, and expertise to make the structure possible. Jim Taggart, Matt Thomas, and Bill McDonald put together another awesome hunted forest. Tim Augustine provided most of the hunted decorations and had to make a special last minute trip to the school to get us everything we needed. Lastly, this event would not be complete without the snacks provided by Chef Jim Churches which, as always, got rave reviews!