Rosary Garden

The 6th grade students at St. Patrick School gather to pray and dedicate their work in the school Rosary Garden. The students’ artwork, depicting each of the Mysteries of the Rosary are on display in the garden throughout the year to facilitate prayer and reflection. Theresa Politowitz, a local accomplished artist donated her time and talent to restoring and repainting the statue of our Blessed Mother.

Building the Rosary Garden

Gathering round the beautiful statue of Our Blessed Mother

Enhancing our spiritual environment in our Rosary Garden

Students in the 6th grade Religion Class added to the growing beauty of our Rosary Garden by planting 45 irises around the garden edge. Many plants have been dedicated to and associated with Christian themes since the 4th century. These plants have been called “Mary’s Sword of Sorrow” because of the shape of their leaves. These help us reflect on the Sorrowful Mysteries of the Rosary. We are very thankful that our students take an active part in developing and maintaining our Catholic identity on our school grounds.

Planting Iris'

Planting Irises

Mary’s Sword of Sorrow