School Forms

At the beginning of each school year, we require forms be submitted in order to maintain a healthy and safe environment for our students.

St. Mary Magdalen Subsidy Form

St. Mary Magdalen Parishioners MUST complete this form and turn it in at St. Mary Magdalen by September 30!

Cooperating Parishioner Verification Form

All non-St. Patrick and non-St. Mary Magdalen parishioners MUST complete the top portion of this form, take it to your parish office for completion and return to St. Patrick School Office by September 30th.

Authorization to Dispense Medication

If your child requires medication to be dispensed at school, please print the “Authorization for the Administration of Medication” form which requires both parent and doctor signatures.  Bring form to the school office with the medication in the original container clearly marked with child’s name.

Background Check Form

Each volunteer must fill out this form (one time only)

Volunteer Driver Form

Log into your youngest child’s PowerSchool Account, scroll to Volunteer Driver Form, fill out form and submit.

Picture and Yearbook Forms

Online ordering will be available from Kaiser for 2018-19 school year at Kaiser Studio Use Code:  BRIGHTON2018

2018-19 Kaiser Studio picture packets are available for your review at:  Kaiser Studio Packets