How it works

All students received a packet explaining how to log into your account, ask for donations for minutes read, keep track of minutes read, and earn prizes!

All students are invited to participate in the following Spirit Week events!

Committee Description

This is the primary fundraiser for Mother’s Club each year, taking place end of October. 

Past years:  Groove-a-thon:  Each child is sent home with a pledge form in which they can acquire donations from friends and family for them to dance for one hour.  On the day of the event, a DJ plays music for one hour while the children sing and dance all together.  The event ends with prizes being given as well as a snack provided to every child.  The duties for this event include making the packets to go home (approximately 3 weeks before event) and then counting the money as it starts to come in.

This year:  Read-A-Thon – details above