Daddy Daughter Dance Committee Description

The Daddy Daughter Dance Committee is responsible to, the Mother’s Club of  St. Patrick School to assume primary responsibilities in matters pertaining to the Daddy Daughter Dance. The committee shall perform the following functions subject to and in conformity with established policies of St. Patrick School and with the approval of the administration

1. Committee Responsibilities 
1. Identify and confirm place and time of event 
2. Recruit volunteers for planning and working the event
3. Develop a theme for the evening
4. Develop a timeline for the evening
5. Work within an allotted budget for the event 
6. Create invitation and coordinate distribution 
7. Create design and decorate venue 
8. Develop menu for the evening 
9. Develop games and activities for the evening
10. Coordinate photography at the event
11. Contract entertainment for event 
12. Coordinate seating arrangements 
13. Procure underwriting and donations for the event 
14. Submit meeting minutes to the Committee Members
15. Serve for a term that coincides with the duration of the project.