Tuition Offset Programs

We offer two programs that help families save money on their tuition costs. ShopWithScrip is a gift card purchase program. With each card you purchase, a rebate is applied toward your family tuition. Families using Meijer Rewards can earn .5% back on purchases and Meijer credit card holders earn 1% back.

The accumulation of offset monies earned through both of these programs for school families are based on the calendar year from January – December. Any families earning monies from any or all of the offset programs will have their earnings distributed the following March.

Scrip Program

SCRIP certificates are gift certificates identical to those issued by a retailer or restaurant.  Go to the website by selecting the Shopping Cart above, select the List of Participating Retailers near the bottom of the page for the current list of retailers and the discount percentage offered by each. To join Scrip, there is a fee and a code that you must obtain from the school office.  Prepare a Scrip Order by printing the sheet below.  SCRIP Orders are placed on Monday mornings by 10:00 a.m. and returned to families by Friday p.m. Any questions can be directed to Marianne Quada at extension (810) 229-7946, ext. 102.