Kindergarten Round Up

State Requirements:

For Jr. Kindergarten and Kindergarten

Parish Requirements:

Subsidy Form: Parishes OTHER than St. Patrick/St. Mary Magdalen

Required parish subsidy forms – Must be complete by September 30 and submitted to the family parish, Then to our office.

St. Mary Magdalen Subsidy Form

Requirement for St. Mary Magdalen Parishioners.  Complete and return to SMM by September 30.

Payment Systems:

Smart Tuition

Our school code is 11489.  All families must be enrolled in SMART.

School Payment Program (e-Funds)

This system is used by parents to pay school fees/lunch fees online

Medication Requirements:

Medical Dispensing Waiver

This form is required when ANY medication needs to be given to a student at school – even over the counter, such as ibuprofen, Tylenol, eye drops etc… This form requires the signature of a doctor.

Volunteer Requirements:


Virtus training is required to volunteer in any capacity at the school, including field trips. Select Lansing, MI Diocese.

Background Check Form

Required if you would like to volunteer in any capacity with the school.  This includes class parties and field trips.

Volunteer Opportunities

Mothers' Club Committees

Many opportunities are available through the Mothers’ Club

Library Volunteer

Sign up to volunteer in our Library

Computer Volunteer

Volunteer to help in Kindergarten Computer class

Lunch/Recess Monitor

 This is a paid position

Kitchen Help

This is a paid position