Diocese of Lansing Grading Scale

Grades 1-3  grading scale:

1 = Beginning  Identifies key concepts presented

2 = Developing  Demonstrates evidence of skills

3 = Mastery  Exhibits understanding of material in isolation

4 = Applying  Extends concept to higher level application

Grades 4-8  grading scale:

A = 100-92%

B = 91-82%

C = 81-72%

D = 71-62%

E = 61% and below

Grades 1-8  Virtue and Work Habit Scales:

4 = Exceeds Expectations

3 = Meets Expectations

2 = Approaching Expectations

1 = Does not Meet Expectations

We are not “grading” virtues; we are reflecting student behavior as we always have, whether a student is exceeding, meeting, approaching, or does not meet expectations. We continue to grade academics from the viewpoint of student knowledge but work habits and virtues are based on students’ outward display of behavior – not their internalization of what each virtue is and whether they are “virtuous” in their life.

Honor Roll Criteria

Students receiving a grade of 92% or better in all core academic classes will receive a high honors certificate.

Students receiving a grade of 82% or better in all core academic classes will receive an honor roll certificate.

Specials classes are included when calculating Honor Roll.

St. Pat’s is superior academically and prepared my son for the challenging curriculum at CC…

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