Curriculum Information

Grading scale, standardized testing and core curriculum guidelines are designated by the Diocese of Lansing.  Following are also descriptions of additional “specials” classes.   For individual teachers’ curriculum guides, select below.

Core Curriculum Includes:  Religion, Reading, English, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies.

We follow the Diocese of Lansing curriculum guidelines.

Teacher Curriculum and Syllabus Guides

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Additional Curriculum Information

Curriculum descriptions for “Specials”


The goal of our computer curriculum is to provide experiences which will develop the computer competency of the children and help them gain an understanding of the benefits of computers and software as tools for assisting them in their life’s work. Instruction for the primary grades, K-2, focuses on familiarity with computer terms, the special function of certain keys, toolbars, the care and operation of hardware and software and simple word processing. Formal keyboarding instruction begins in third grade and is carried through fourth, fifth and sixth grades, with independent practice continuing in 7th & 8th grades. The concepts of databases, spreadsheets, and publications are introduced and developed in grades three through eight. At all grade levels, students create multimedia projects using a variety of presentation software, scanners, digital cameras, video clips and sound. Internet and cyber-safety instruction for each student is provided during the course of the year, along with internet research skills to students in grades 3 and up. Students in grades 4 and up have a school e-mail account through which they are taught e-mail etiquette and Google Apps. Middle school students explore and create web-publications such as wikis, blogs, webpages, and on-line collaborations. All students receive a sampling of computer programming/coding instruction at some point throughout the year, with more dedicated instruction being provided in specific grades. Each grade has access to several age-appropriate educational games/apps which focus on critical thinking skills as well as academic skills. Classrooms are equipped with computers to provide additional hands-on experience. Additionally, students in grades 1 through 4 have classroom iPads while the middle school students have access to Chromebooks.


Music Students in grades K-8 participate in formal music class each week.

K-2nd grade:  GamePlan curriculum, 3rd grade: GamePlan and Essential Elements for Recorder, 4th grade: Recorder Karate, 5th grade: recorders, drums, and mallet instruments using various sources as well as attends an orchestra concert in the spring, 6th-8th grades: Mostly Band, which uses the Tradition of Excellence Book as well as other sheet music. 

Band Handbook

Physical Education

All students participate in formal physical education classes, which include a wide variety of basic skill development activities, fitness activities and the learning of team games. Throughout the different activities offered, each child is exposed to many varied experiences: success, failure, competition, cooperation, acceptance, emotional control, self-confidence and personal expression of physical capabilities. 7th and 8th grade students receive American Red Cross Training in Adult/Child/Infant CPR, AED and Basic First Aid skills.


Students in K-8 are instructed in basic conversational Spanish. In addition, grades 6-8 are immersed in many cultural aspects of Latin countries, from food to holidays.