Kindergarten Classrooms

Mrs. Birney's Classroom

Mrs. Rozum's Classroom

Kindergarten Subject Material

Religion: Students will each receive the Resources for Allele! Growing and Celebrating with Jesus!. This series combines developmentally appropriate material which engages students in topics such as understanding the world God created, experiencing God’s love, and how to live as friends of Jesus. The students will also begin learning the importance of prayer, and the celebration of special days throughout the liturgical year. A weekly take-home portion assists the families to connect with their child spiritually.

Math: Our program uses the Houghton Mifflin’s Go Math Series which provides students with a broad foundation for math success. Our kindergarten teachers will focus on order and place value, number sense, sequencing, sorting and classifying, addition, subtraction, fractions, time, and numbers 1 through 100.

Science: Students will explore various science concepts and conduct special experiments and long-term projects. These activities will allow students to use their five senses during the manipulation of materials and/or direct observation. Topics will include weather, living and non-living things, types of matter, ecosystems and habitats, force and motion, the human body, and the basic needs of living organisms.

Social Studies: We will cover geography, the diversity and uniqueness of individuals and families, changes in the seasons, current and historical events. Also, we focus on our community and how we can be a positive member.

Reading:  Our approach to reading is based on research and consistency in techniques which will provide students with the tools they need early on to be successful.  St. Patrick School uses best practices along with CR Learning Success Program, Daily 5 and guided reading groups daily as the foundation for the kindergarten and first grade curriculum. We use systematic and explicit phonics instruction as the basis for reading development. The systematic/explicit approach to reading has been proven to be the most effective in giving children the skills necessary to learn to decode the English language and develop reading fluency.  We engage children in a life- long love of literacy and we use a literature based program with a built-in phonics component.

What happens if my child still struggles with reading?  St. Patrick School is very unique in that we have a team of reading specialists. Our reading specialists serve as an early intervention strategy designed to assess those in need of further assistance and development. Once students have been identified as needing further development, our specialists provide intensive supplemental teaching to get them on grade level.

What if my child is advanced?  At St. Patrick School, we strongly encourage accelerated and advanced readers. We have developed many programs through the individual classrooms, such as early guided reading groups and our Media Center to further encourage and develop the skills of the advanced readers. Most importantly, we feel it is our job to make reading fun and enjoyable for each student and encourage a life-long love of reading.