Outdoor Facilities

Rosary Garden: The Rosary Garden was designed and built by 6th grade Religion classes. The students also maintain the garden and each year they design the Mysteries of the Rosary for display in the Rosary Garden.  For more information:  Rosary Garden

Outdoor Classroom:  Utilizing the beautiful surroundings, this outdoor classroom creates excellent learning opportunities by incorporating the natural environment while providing fresh air and sunshine.

Walking Fitness Trails:  In its natural setting, the school is surrounded by walking trails where students explore, collect data for science experiments, stay fit and enjoy nature.  One of our Eagle Scouts created Stations of the Cross throughout the trails as an added benefit for our Religion classes.

Playground Space:  There are several large areas for students to enjoy playground time.  Age-appropriate playground equipment is designated by area;  Kindergarten, young elementary students, older students, an open field for sports and basketball hoops, and surface games on the blacktop.