Frequently Asked Questions

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We have morning care beginning at 7:00 a.m. and after school care until 5:30 p.m.  Fee is $5/hr.

No, parents are not expected to volunteer although there are many opportunities.  See Volunteer section.


It varies each year, but generally nearly half go on to local area public schools and more than half go on to Catholic high schools.

Many go on to take honors/AP classes and graduate in the upper  portion of the class.

Students have specials once per week.  Grades  7 and 8  take additional “specials” as electives.

We follow Diocesan required grading and standardized testing.  See Academics, Curriculum section for links to details.

We participate in the Catholic Youth Organization for many sports and have various extracurricular activities such as robotics, science olympiad, drama, and jump rope club.

See Athletics Program for sports information.

See Student Life section for more details regarding student activities.

We offer assistance from Brighton Area Schools and Livingston Educational Services Agency (L.E.S.A.): busing, occupational therapy, psychological/ academic testing, social worker, speech and language and teacher consultant.

The number one reason why I send my kids to St. Patrick School is for the Catholic education.  Secondly, I enjoy the fact that my kids are  in school together.  It brings me great peace of mind to know that for several years I have the same start time and end time, as well as one set of paperwork to deal with.  St. Pat’s offers continuity in academic standards as well as in social and community relationships.  For my kids’ sake I am happy that they do not have to switch schools every couple of years and reacclimate to new surroundings.  This is their second home and this is where their foundation is being built.


Colleen D.