Classroom Facilities

Our classrooms are spacious and accommodate quite comfortable class sizes:  JK – 15. Kindergarten up to 20 students per class,

grades 1-4 up to 25 students per class, grades 5-8 up to 28 students per class.

Our classrooms provide opportunities for a quality education for our students.

Chapel:  Located at the front entrance, the Eucharistic Chapel is the heart of St. Patrick School.  It is open all day and is used by classes and for small groups.  During Eucharistic Adoration, classes take turns throughout the day to pray in the presence of the Lord.

Art Studio:  Grades K-8 enjoy the large art studio using various methods and means of expression to enhance creativity.

Science Lab

Science Lab: The Science Lab provides students with opportunities to design investigations, engage in scientific reasoning, manipulate equipment, record data, analyze results, and discuss their findings.  The Science Lab is used by grades 5-8 on a regular basis and occasionally by grades K-4 to conduct experiments.

Gymnasium:  The large gymnasium is used for physical education classes with a large traverse wall.   It also serves as a lunch area with adjacent kitchen.

Music Room

Music Room:  The large music room is used for music classes by students in Grades K-8 with a band program for students in grades 7 and 8.  The students perform in Christmas and Spring music programs.


Media Center:  The spacious media center contains age appropriate books by sections for K-8.  The center is equipped with computers to enable students to participate in the accelerated reader program designed to help students develop a deeper desire to read and comprehend book content.