2020-21 COVID Procedures

In accordance with the State of Michigan Safe Start Plan, Michigan Safe Schools Roadmap, the Center of for Disease Control and the Diocese of Lansing, procedures have been developed to create an environment for students to safely return to St. Patrick School.  

Safe Start Phases

The Michigan Safe Start Plan has five phases for reopening.  

Phase 1: Uncontrolled growth, Phase 2: Persistent Spread, Phase 3: Flattening, 

Phase 4: Containing, Phase 5: Improving, Phase 6: Post Pandemic

Michigan is divided into regions and we are located in Region 1 which is currently in Phase 4 of the Michigan Safe Start Plan.  Below are St. Patrick School Plans for Phase 4 (which allows in-person instruction), Phase 3 (which would require school closure and a virtual learning environment) and Phase 5 (which would allow us to lessen some of the restrictions in place.)

We are currently in Phase 4 of the Michigan Safe Start Plan.


Phase 3

Schools Close

(Virtual program)

Phase 4: Current Fall Reopen Plan

(In-person learning)

Phase 5

Less Restrictive

(In-person learning)

Health and Safety Measures

There are many safety features and protocols that we have put in place to ensure a more healthy and safe environment for our students.

The Livingston County Health Department provided a very detailed PARENT TOOL KIT explaining COVID, exposure, protocols and procedures.  Please select and read carefully!

Parent Letter

Please read Letter to Parents from the Livingston County Health Department

Facial Coverings

Select above for details regarding facial covering requirements and suggestions.


Symptoms and Exposure

The Health Department provided a chart explaining how to handle symptoms and household exposure for students.


The following procedures have been implemented for the health and safety of our students, staff and families.  Please select each icon above the description for details!


It is required that all families complete the COVID19 Prescreening questionnaire every morning before school.

Drop Off/Pick Up

We will be using three entrances/exits each day.  Gym Doors (A), Bus Doors (B) and Circle Drive (C). You will be assigned a door which will be your drop off and pick up door each day. 

Lunch Program

Students will have lunch in the gym which will be divided into seating sections.  There are also designated recess areas.  Students will remain with homeroom class during lunch and recess.  


Students and Teachers will work together to maintain a safe and healthy environment in the classrooms and common areas.   

Building Safety

Many safety measures have been added to enhance the health and safety of our students and staff. Air filtration systems, excellent filters in the HVAC system and sneeze guards for classes that are not required to use masks.  


We request that up to 3 students are in the restrooms at one time.  We devised a check in/out system.

Care Room

Teachers have been provided with detailed list of COVID19 symptoms.  If a student is ill and displaying symptoms, the student will be referred to the Care Room.  The room with be completely disinfected after each use.